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May, 2012

  1. Finished Projects.

    May 4, 2012 by enid

    It’s been so long since my last blog posts and so many things have happened since. I must first apologize for failing to keep up with the destktop calender I had going. April was such a wacky month for me.

    But what I have managed to do is finish many knitted projects. It’s such a good feeling to finish projects up. I’ll start with the last two I did maybe the next couple of posts will be my finished project updates.

    So just recently my child hood friend has come for an extended visit because her grandfather just recently had triple bypass  surgery. So I felt like I had to do something for them. So I decided to knit her grandmother a prayer shawl. Prayer Shawl.

    I used Marble Chunky by James C. Brett Bulky / 12 ply 100% Acrylic 341 yards / 200 grams

    But I unfortunately suffer from an illness, and I don’t know if I’m the minority here amongst knitters. Maybe there are others out there. But since I have discovered that I have a problem, I have found solutions for what ails me. I suffer from PBOS (Premature bind off syndrome). It’s chronic. I apparently do it all the time and with this project it was no exception. Here is proof.

    I think I could have gone maybe two or three more rows before I cast off. But I get so anxious that I just cast off. Today it was made very clear how comical the situation is when I started to do some stash diving, and found all these little extra balls of yarn, from other projects past. So many of them. A friend suggested I still them in a mason jar. I replied that I might need one of those bell jars. Yes. or I may need to make some kind of wacky mish mash afghan with them.