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Sifting through yarnage, among other things is what I do best. My name is Enid, I’m a wife, and a mommy by day, and when I can squeeze it in, I’m a graphic designer, knitter and dreamer by night. I have so many ideas rattling in my noggin and no time to execute them so for now I focus on my family and my knitting skills. I began knitting not that long ago, about 6 years now and I pretty much have some project going all the time. I think it’s fantastic that by taking one long piece of string and wrapping it around some pointy sticks beautiful things can be made, or lets face it some not so great things too. I call those learning experiences. I have a lot of learning experiences in my belt, I dabbled in many crafts, crochet, weaving, sewing, glass bead making, jewelry making, and some stained glass work. I am a craft junky but for now knitting has my heart.


  1. Michelle says:

    I love this format! It’s gorgeous and easy to navigate!

  2. enid says:

    Thanks Michelle! 😀

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