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  1. Knitting books a review of sorts

    August 24, 2011 by enid

    When you have to many patterns in the queue and even more projects in the works. I say get some more books, and that is exactly what I did. I have added 3 new written editions to my library stash. The first was A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker. Okay so that isn’t a new book, but it’s new to me and I’ve been itching to get it. So many wonderful pattern phrases to look at. Simple knit purl combinations, to ribbing, slip stitch patterns, cables, and lace, and oh so much more. I’m so green when it comes to pattern designs, or garment designs, but I see this is going to aide in my attempts to create some of my own pieces. I’m a little excited at the idea of creating some of my own patterns some day.

    Which just so happens to lead me into the second book on the shelf and that is. Custom Knits: Unleash your inner designer with top-down and improvisational techniques written by Wendy Bernard.  Again the book is not new new, it was printed in 2008 but it’s new to me darn it. First time I’d seen it on the shelf even. I was at Border’s the other day trolling around to see if there was anything that would peak my interest and be kind to my pocket book as well. With Border’s going out of business sale lots of things were between 40-60% off, with that said I just had to take a peek at the knitting books to see what was there. Most of it gone, I’m happy to report, which means there are a lot of knitters out there, or wanna be knitters. The more the merrier. So this book caught my attention because it seems to me my path is following this direction, I’m an aspiring designer and haven’t the foggiest idea where to begin. This seemed like a good start.  She starts off with the basics, how to measure yourself, and even how to make a replica form of yourself or a friend using duct tape and an old tshirt. I thought that was ingenious.  Loved just about everyone of the patterns in the books they look so simple and elegant, and they she explains how to make these patterns your own, because let’s face it we aren’t all shaped like the pretty models in the book. Well I speak for myself. 🙂

    Finally the magazine that most of us I’m sure jumped at the chance to purchase for a whole whopping TEN cents. Interweaves Knits Accessories Special Issue 2009 PDF version woop woop! I wonder what the final tally was on their end. How many downloads? I’m thinking I have this in physical form but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that I have it in PDF for my beloved ipad. I started going paperless, when it came to my works in progress, Usually I would photocopy my pattern, and then I’d write on that photocopy, like notes, corrections, and last row worked with a date so would know where I left off.  But then I started creating my own pdfs and useing apps like goodreader or ibooks, or evernote and then keep notes of the pattern on notepad. My darling husband gave me an IPad for my birthday and my eyes thank me for not torturing them with another teeny tiny pattern ever again.

    Well this has become quite a long winded blog, and I’m not sure if it helped any but I think I’m going to do some app reviews in an upcoming post. Good night and Happy Knitting. 🙂

  2. Hot off the news rack

    July 23, 2011 by enid

    Summer is not even over yet and the stores and starting to show signs that school is approaching. Although that brings just a tiny glimmer of happiness in my heart, because mommy needs a break, I do wish the stores would slow it down a bit. But what really did bring me a lot of joy was the newest issue of Vogue Knitting International Early Fall 2011. I have to admit, sometimes I pick this magazine up and put them right back on the rack. Don’t get me wrong I love all things knitting but I’m kind of picky, and sometimes my picky-ness is non specific and random at best. This time, I picked up and it magically stuck to my hands and floated right into my basket along with my other purchases. Some projects for the boys, and some supplies for a light tent. Yes a light tent. I decided I was going to make my own. I found a simple tutorial online to create an inexpensive light tent.

    Okay so, vogue’s main feature was mohair. I have to admit, I’ve never knitted with mohair. I will have to review my yarn stash, but I believe that I am sans mohair. But what I do have is seven cakes of Moda Vera  Boulevard (62% Wool 27% Soya 11% Acrylic). A really good friend of mine brought them to me from her trip to Singapore. I’ve had them for a while and never really knew what I could make with them. Which brings me to this magazine again. yeah okay so it’s not mohair but it’s lace weight and it has the same fluffly like look to it. I’m thinking light airy shrug. VK had a mohair contest, the challenge was to make the most of it’s ethereal properties, and I must say the top winners came up with some really pretty things, I do like Laura Zukaite’s patterned lace dress, but my favorite was Lynette Meek’s diaphanous sheath and wrap set. She created the garment with undyed yarn and then hand painted on the finished pieces. Beautiful. I suggest you go out and pick up a copy and check it for yourself. pssst, you can always look at the winners of the Mohair Magic contest online.

    I’ll have to post again about this Boulevard in the future and let you know what I come up with. I guess I’ve avoided the mohair because a lot of my knitter sister’s they’ve tried and weren’t big fans. It shed’s, it itches, and it hard to frog when frogging is necessary. I’m scared really, but I think the end result will be very ethereal and pretty. Wish me luck.