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  1. Another knit finished object. FO

    November 1, 2011 by enid

    Hey what’s an FO?? One of our many knitting abbreviations for finished object.

    I will discuss knitting abbreviations at a later date, but today I will show you what’s been keeping me busy. Well besides Halloween, and my kiddos. I’ve been knitting and hanging out with the family. All day today I’ve been trying to get to you. And it sounded something like this.

    Okay, I’m going to sit down and write a little something. OH LOOK! knitting let me whip up a few rows. (I get distracted by my one of my kids or the phone, laundry etc)

    and the loop repeats itself.

    Okay I’m going to sit down and write a little something. OH LOOK! knitting…… know the rest. 😀

    Until I finished. I finished!

    Illusion knit Moon and StarIllusion Knit Moon and Star

    There you go. An illusion knit washcloth that I could not keep my hands off of. Why is it called an illusion knit. If you can see in these pictures. One it taken head on from above.  The other is about a 45 degree angle. I didn’t take a protractor to my camera and the project but lets just say it was an angle.

    If you can knit and purl than you can make this. If you can read a chart, knit and purl you can make this. If you can count, read a chart, knit and purl this my readers is not going to be a problem for you. Using contrasting colors you knit and purl your way through a wonderfully clear chart like the ones that I found by Dawn Huddlestone on Ravelry.

    I wanted to make something cute and playful for my girlfriend that is expecting baby number five. Any minute they will be making their debut and I had nothing. But I had some Sugar n Cream cotton, and a curiosity of illusion knitting or also known as shadow knitting. I really wanted to create a bib, but it’s a little big for that, so I dubbed it a burp cloth or wash cloth for the baby. 😀 I just whip up something a wee smaller. I have plenty left over so I will make something matchy matchy.

    I have to say the chart I found really helped a lot. a lot of the illusion/shadow knit patterns are written out. I am not all about the written pattern, just looking at them gave me headaches. Where they beautiful designs? Yes mostly definitely but I’ve been knitting with charts for so long that I’ve kind of depended on them. When I see something written out like that my mind just goes “TLDR!!” (Too long didn’t read)

    Which reminds me in an upcoming post I will do my take on knitting abbreviations and maybe if you have some questions about them I can collect them now before my next post.