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  1. Crochet: Belly Dance Hip Scarves.

    August 2, 2011 by enid

    I know I said I had some tutorials coming but I have to post this first because I just had a great weekend. I just have to talk about it.

    This weekend. I went to three shows, starting Friday and ending on Sunday. Give Belly Dance a Chance. A great show featuring some wonderfully talented and inspiring women. Which brings me to my other hobby. I love to belly dance. I have been taking classes for about a year now. The little crafter/knitter/crocheter inside me I started planning how I was doing to make my own skirt. So here are two of the crochet projects I am working on. If you are interested in the patterns, please let me know and I will post something to make available to you all.


    The top one is a purple hip scarf, and I’m adding beads randomly through out the scarf, the bottom picture is a black hip scarf that I made first finished with some tassels and then attaching the large paillettes and beads. I couldn’t find coins easily so I settle for the paillettes, they won’t make any noise but will sparkle nonetheless.

    I looked everywhere for a pattern for something like this but could not really find anything. So this is the best I could come up with. I think when they are done. I they will be awesome. :0

    I get to go to the beach this week so I will be taking my purple hip scarf project with me and work on it. I can’t wait to make progress on that.