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  1. Don’t panic

    July 25, 2011 by enid

    Knit knit knit, POP! What the What? I look down and what do I see? My circular interchangeable needles spontaneously disassembled. I was still working on the swatch of kidsilk haze. Mohair, lace weight, light light knitting, of all the things I’ve knitted on those needles. No worries I have another cable to replace them but I find it comical, it’s not like I was knitting cotton or something super chunky and heavy on the needles.


    Yesterday I was coveting a set of Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles. They come in this really pretty carrying case. But I thought to myself “My knitpicks Options Interchangeable Harmony Wood Circular Knitting Needle Set are just right. I like the cable on them, I haven’t had a problem with them YET and I don’t see spending $70+ on another set” I know I’m cheap but I also don’t have the space at home to store all this extra stuff.” However if I didn’t have a set already, I might have given these a try. I might someday just not now. The cables on the Hiya Hiya are smooth but it also rotates so you never have to stop and adjust the needles or the cable. My mom bought a set of circular needles from Hiya Hiya (not interchangeable) and I really liked that feature.

    What’s your favorite? Hiya Hiya or KnitPicks Options, Denise. Did I leave any out.

    P.S. I just called KnitPicks customer service and they replaced the cable at no cost to me. How cool is that. I am so grateful. 😀

  2. Impromptu road trips

    July 25, 2011 by enid

    I had the coolest day today. My girlfriend Michelle and I decided we needed to pay the local yarn shops a visit. Except it was Sunday and our choices were limited and by limited I mean AWESOME! We decided The Tinsmith’s Wife in Comfort, TX, was a must and maybe Yarnivore which was closer to us. So we agreed on a time and place to meet and I drove up but not before we clapped and squealed like little school girls. Well I did most of the squealing. It had been over a yearn since my last Comfort visit. The shop is so nice. Warm, inviting and fully stocked with some of the best crack, I mean YARN yes yarn.

    Arriving in Comfort we realized we had about fifteen minutes or so to spare before the shop opened. Well that’s just a kick in the pants, we just had to stop at the bistro around the corner. Please pardon the food porn, I know this is mostly a yarn blog, but in order to go to Tinsmith’s it’s a must I repeat must visit. 814 A Texas Bistro. This my friends is the reason.

    814 Burger

    After that scrumptious lunch, with our bellies full of burger goodness we headed back to the yarn shop. The service is great, they are so helpful and pleasant, I always look forward to coming back. I walked around with my eyes glazed over and my mouth going a mile a minute. Just like my kids do when they get so excited. That place is so exciting, yarn shops are exciting. Fibers of all kinds, when you think you felt the softest yarn, then next one is just as soft or even softer. UGH!! Torture I tell ya, pure torture. 😀 I am a little proud, but also embarrassed to say that I only came out of that shop with 3 skeins of Rowan’s Kid Silk Haze in Black Currant.

    Black Currant Kidsilk Haze

    Oh I have plans for my preciouses I do. I already started a swatch.

    “Do we have time?” I asked.

    “yup” she replied

    And in flash we appeared at the doorsteps of Yarnivore. I hadn’t been there in a while either so took the time and checked everything out thoroughly. I left with some Mini Mochi

    Mini Mochi -306 Redzone


    I was thinking of incorporating this mochi, with the kidsilk. I started the swatch and then added the mochi. I did not like it at all. I know I should have given it a shot but I’m going to pass on that adventure for now and just make these into dashing or fetching. I think they will look so nice. More to come.